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As the most metropolitan city in china, Shanghai is very accessible. Shanghai can be reachable by air, by land and by water.


By Air


 is served by Pudong International airport and Hongqiao Shanghai airport. There are direct international flights between shanghai and some European and us cities.


Shanghai Railway Station


the hu ning (between shanghai and ningbo) and the hu hang (between shanghai and hangzhou) railways lead shanghai to the other places of china. there are shanghai station (locally called the new station), shanghai west station in shanghai (the former zhen ru station) and shanghai south station(the former new long hua station) among which shanghai station to be the main station with 70 couples of trains coming from and going to the big and middle cities in china.


By Highway


The main highways in Shanghai are as follows:

  1. The three national roads line 312(from Shanghai to Yi ning, Xin jiang), line 318(from Shanghai to Zhangmu, Tibet) and line 320 (from Shanghai to Ruili, Yunnan) lead to the western part of China.
    • The national road 204(Tongjiang, Hei longjiang-San ya, Hai nan) which passing Shanghai goes through most of the beautiful cities along the coastline of eastern China.
      • The Hu ning (a11 road), Hu hang (a8 road), Hu jialiu (a12 road), Hu qingping (a9 road) connected the main cities around Shanghai.

kind reminder: So many long distance bus stations in Shanghai help a lot for those who go to Jiangsu, Zhejiang areas and the bus tickets are available ahead of time within three days.
The address of the main long distance bus station: No.1662 Zhong Xing Road. (the north square of Shanghai station)


City Transport


City transportation includs: Pubilc Bus, Taxi, Big Bus Tour, and Shanghai Magelv Train.


By Waterway


Located in the center of the north and south coast line of China, Shanghai is the biggest port city in China and the third largest port in the world. the steamers there are connected with more than 400 ports in the world. because of the speed, the steamer business is not quite brilliant with only some of them running like the steamer to Dalian, Shen yang at the interval of 4 days from the fair road dock while the other long distance shipping along the coastline have been stopped. there are scheduled steamers to near places like Nan Tong, Ding Hai and Pu Tuo at sixteenth pu wharf. if you want to go to Zhou Shan Islands, you should first take a bus at sixteenth pu and to Lu Chao port or gold mountain port to board a steamer. travelers going to Chang Xing island and Hengsha Island should board the steamer at Wusong dock. make the boarding place clear before going to Chong Ming Island. besides, travelers who want to inchon and Pusan in Korea or Osaka and Kobe in Japan would board the interdomestic steamer at the out rainbow wharf.

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