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  •  - Yan Li-property consultant, speaks English and Chinese>       click here to comment
  • July 23rd 2013
    Ms. Yan Li has been extremely efficient, helpful and professsional in identifying my housing needs, working hard and at short notice even during the new year holiday periods and weekends in setting up viewing arrangements and negotiating contract.
    Ms. Yan Li has also very friendly and supportive also after I moved in, supporting communication
    and coordination with landlord and utility providers. I can fully recommend Ms. Yan Li as a dedicated professional.
  • July 9th 2013
    Yan helped me to find a new place in Shanghai during April this year. I was extremely busy at the time, with regular business trips around China, so Yan ensured that the viewing process was as efficient as possible. Nothing was too much trouble, and when we found somewhere I was happy with she was able to negotiate and complete the necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently. She has also continued to be helpful and supportive since my moving in. I would not hesitate to use her again in the future!

    July 4th 2013
    Yan Li worked with me to find my first residence in Shanghai at the beginning of 2013 and has proved to be the most professional agent I have worked with, and believe me I have tried a few. She is organized, has clear the needs of the client and spends a lot of time dedicated to the search. She also sends very elaborate reports so you dont loose time seeing places you wont like. She is also a very kind person... that is why i am counting on her for the time i make my next move in Shanghai! Fully recommended!!!
    Jose Boda

    July 3rd 2013
    I worked with Li Yan last year to find my perfect Shanghai apartment. Li Yan was fully devoted and spent  countless hours looking at apartments with me. She stayed with me late on Friday night to gauge my preferences and continued working that evening to set up full days of non-stop apartment viewings on Saturday and Sunday. She managed to find my dream apartment when it first entered the market and I was the first customer shown. Her dedication since then has also been key in helping me with discussions with my landlord. I fully recommend her and am still very impressed with how hard she worked to show me 13+ places in a single weekend! Thank you!
    Alexandra Davis

    July 2nd 2013
    Yan Li helped us to find the perfect house in Shanghai, she has succeeded in finding a house which answered to all our requirements! 
    She is a  very professional, hard working and nice person, it has been a pleasure to work with her and Townscape housing. She is  helpful, kind and always tries to find the most convenient solution for us.
    I really recommend Townscape Housing and if you are lucky you''ll have the chance to meet Yan!   
    Romain & Claudia

     - Bin Zhu-property Consultant, speaks English and Chinese              
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  • July 7th 2013

    I would just like confirm my recent great experience in finding a flat through Bin at Townscape Housing.  I walked in to their office advised what I wanted and which area. Within two days I had a detailed list of potential flats, with landlords expected price, and Bin''s views on the market. We very quickly narrowed down to two properties and within a week had agreed terms and moved in the following week. The hand over was again perfect and extras like wifi and satellite all in place and working. Even later I had a few problems on translation of the workings of the washing machine and a/c and Bin came straight round to help. I highly recommend Townscape and further they seemed to be direct with all the Landlords unlike most of the other International rental agents in Shanghai, which makes for a much easier negotiation and after sales service. I really suggest you speak with Bin if you want a trouble free and experienced service when looking for a flat in Shanghai.

    Miranda Wang-property consultant, speaks English and Chinese    
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  • Jun.29.201
    E-Marketing Internship Experience
    I applied for the E-Marketing Internship (restricted for six month) at Townscapehousing back in January 2013 and after six month of work I need to head back to my homecountry. Right in time to avoid the boiling heat of Shanghai''s summer...First of all I would like to share my feelings about my working collegues. Im glad to found a place with people that welcomming to me. Since I dont speak any chinese it was even more comfortable for me that we could communicate in english, making my daily life way easier. They are friendly and helpful, supporting and pleasent to work with. We shared plenty of great moments in- and outside the office, moments Im happy to had experienced and to treasure in the future。The combination of hard working and work commitment is truly motivating and highly inspiring. To describe my relationship more detailed I would say: "I found new friends" rather than "I worked with new collegues".Most of the time I could work freely and fully responsible on certain campaigns and tasks assigned to me. I really appreciate the trust given to me. In team meetings we discussed the changes/results to fine-tune and optimize the ideas.My main tasks consistet of working with our  ad-programs, finding new marketing channels, posting articles and classified ads, making and editing photos of various different properties and developing new marketing ideas. Besides all that I could have a closer look in the field of a property consultant by supporting and following my collegues.I really enjoyed my time working with Townscape housing and hope to be able to return someday in the future. I know that my experiences here will benefit me in the future work wise and socially, wherefore Im really thankful
    Best regards,

    Jun.27 2013:       
  • Friendly contact, proficient agents, supportive service. All in all my experience with Townscape Housing is fantastic.
    They offered me various, requirement-matching, housing solutions and helped me finding the perfect home for me and my family.
    After one year living in Shimao Riviera, Townscape Housing is still assisting us in minor issues (non property related) with overwhelming effort, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. We havent regret our desicion moving to the Shimao Riviera and are happy with our choice we made.
    The location provides us with everything we need. Close restaurants and easy access to work and school places. We truly recommend Townscape Housing, not only because of their outstanding service but for their knowledgable understanding of western needs.
    Best regards, 
    Shaun - a happy client :)


My Experience with Townscape Housing


Hi there,

My name is Anan and I have been now working for townscape housing for quite a long time. I would like to share my experience with all other future interns to share ideas and help each other.

This is not something that has been asked of me to write, but it is my true feelings about my time here.


During my internship here I have had the pleasure to do a lot of different things in this industry. My main purpose in this company was to support the marketing department and do some business development. My daily tasks consisted of posting property advertisement on the company website and other huge websites. Besides that I also take care of client enquiries and gathering more information about their housing requirements. There was a huge amount of freedom given to me to actively participate in the company’s daily operations. Not only did I carry out my usual daily tasks, but also I got the chance to try out some property consultancy. Sometimes I would go to make some nice pictures of properties for advertisement and other times I would help client visit these properties with my colleagues. By working closely with my colleagues we would try to find something suitable for our clients. Foreign people have different taste and so we would exchange our opinion to share more knowledge.

There were also times where we all had to work extra hard, because we were lacking of some manpower. During these times I really felt more and more dependent because I got to handle some clients on my own and think of some new ways to attract more clients. Together with Murphy we created a marketing campaign to promote our service to attract more clients. This promotion was in the end a great success with a lot of new enquiries. During that time I was doing some small web design and trying out some new marketing channels.

What I especially liked about my internship is the huge variety in my work and the changing environment, which keeps you active. You are not always sitting in the office behind your desk, but also get to do some work outside the office. There is no other place that can give you so much for an internship than here at townscape housing. By doing more things you not only develop your competences, but also as a student you will have a better idea of where your preferences are in a company.

All in all, it has been a great experience with a lot of joy and hard working. I met great people and made good friends. I wish all my colleagues the best and hope to seem them someday soon. And to all newcomers I wish you a wonderful experience here at Townscape housing.

Kind regards,


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